Before You Visit on Sunday Morning....

.......Here are a few things you might want to know.

  • We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-racial congregation. Everyone is valued and everyone is welcome. And our style of worship is designed to accommodate the varied expectations and preferences of our congregation and our guests. In other words, we try to have a worship service which will feel comfortable and be meaningful to all kinds of people, of all ages, from varying backgrounds and preferences for music and style of worship. 
  • Our worship service starts at 10:45 and consists of inspiring congregational singing of well-known hymns and newer songs, and Bible-centered preaching by our Pastor. Lyrics for congregational singing are projected on the screen above the platform and several musicians, featured vocalists and back-up singers of varying ages lead our musical praise and worship time. We are reverent, but enthusiastic, and we try to balance fun with serious reflection. We generally devote about thirty minutes to musical praise and worship followed by a sermon of about thirty-five minutes, followed by a time of commitment and music. The worship service generally concludes around 12:00 noon.
  • We provide safe and loving child-care and age-appropriate biblical training for infants and children through second grade during the Worship Service. Children, third grade and up, and teenagers worship together with their parents.
  • The safety and security of the children and youth in our care is extremely important to us, so we have adopted a formal written policy designed to protect children and youth on our premises and in our care from incidents of misconduct or inappropriate behavior. Many of our workers and leaders are professional educators and have vast experience protecting children and youth. In sum, we carefully screen our ministry staff, church employees, and children and youth workers, and this screening includes a national criminal background check. We observe the "two adult rule," the "open door rule," and "safe restroom policies," and we have a "check-in/out policy" for children under third grade. And we do not administer corporal punishment to children or youth in our care. 
  • Most visitors are curious about dress. So, here goes..... Of course, we don't have a dress code except the general expectation of modesty. Simply put, you won't be over-dressed or under-dressed unless you come dressed for a picnic, the beach, or the prom. The vast majority of our congregation on Sunday mornings will show up in "Business Casual" style dress: slacks or khakis and collared shirts for men, and skirts or slacks and blouses for women. But, some men will be dressed in suits and ties, or sport-coat and slacks, and some ladies in dresses or suits. Jeans are fairly common as well.  
  • Dedicated wheelchair seating is available in the Worship Center.
  • Hearing assistance devices are available during the Worship Service. 
  • If you want to experience the full array of our activities on Sunday mornings, our Coffee-Fellowship Time is 9:00 to 9:30. Our Small Group Bible Study for Adults, Students and Children starts at 9:30a. And safe and loving child-care is also provided during this time for infants, toddlers and young children.

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