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Disaster Relief

Check Covid-19 tab for updates and information about current phase of in-person re-gathering!

At Amelia Baptist Church our goal is to LIVE as disciples of Jesus, to LOVE our community and the world, and to LEAD the lost to new life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


We are not perfect people, but people who have met a perfect Savior and are now on the mission to help others find saving faith in Jesus Christ.


We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural and multi-racial congregation. Everyone is valued and everyone is welcome. We have a casual atmosphere that seeks to help all people come to the Lord as they are.

Temporarily, due to COVID-19, during phase 1 of in-person re-gathering, on Sunday mornings we offer worship service at 10:45 AM.


On Campus Activities

Sunday - Worship service - 10:45 am

Online LIVE Activities (on Facebook)

Sunday - Bible Study via ZOOM - 9:00 am (ask for information)

             - Worship service - 10:45 am

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